Trip to Oxford 2016

Die bilingualen Lerngruppen der Peter-Weiss-Gesamtschule unternehmen zusätzlich zu den übrigen Klassenfahrten eine fest im Fahrtenprogramm verankerte Fahrt nach England. Ziel ist es insbesondere, die eigene Sprachkompetenz in der Kommunikation mit Muttersprachlern in England zu erweitern und vertiefen und sich unmittelbar mit der britischen Kultur und Lebensweise auseinanderzusetzen. Die Unterbringung erfolgt in der Regel in Gastfamilien.

Bilis’ trip to Oxford 2016

2016 Bili VI

26th of September, 2016 (Day 1)
Our trip to England began at 7:30. We made our first stop after one and a half hour. In the afternoon the police stopped our bus because we were driving over the speed limit (we were late for our ferry!). After this we continued our journey. In England we were driving for another four hours and thirty minutes before we finally met our host family in Oxford. Felix Krone, 8e

2016 Bili IV

27th of September, 2016 (Day 2)
Today we were in the city centre of Oxford. It’s really nice there. I bought a lot of presents. I bought an Oxford hoodie and a bracelet. We had four hours to stroll around on our own. Then we went to the Oxford University with our teachers. There we saw Harry Potter’s famous dining hall. In the end I bought a Mr. Bean figure for my mum.
Vanessa Palmer, 8f
28th of September, 2016 (Day 3)
Dear diary,
today we were in Stratford and the bus arrived there a bit later. First we went to a workshop about Shakespeare and a woman, her name was Sarah, told us a bit about Shakespeare and we got a sheet with the task: “Do you know Shakespeare?“. She said that it is a speculation when he was exactly born and where he went to school. Then we went shopping and I bought an emoji cushion for my sister, then we went to a church were Shakespeare is buried. Then we drove by bus to our meeting point and the families picked us up. Now I’m tired, good night!
Lisa-Marie Kiko, 8e
2016 Bili V

29th of September, 2016 (Day 4)
Dear diary,
Today we went to London. We drove one or maybe two hours from Oxford. At the beginning we passed Oxford Street. We arrived at Tower Bridge. We made a short city tour with our own bus. We got out of the bus in front of the London Eye. We walked towards it and took some pictures. After that we went to Buckingham Palace. There we took a lot of pictures. Then we walked to a bus station because we took one of the famous red double deckers in order to go to Madame Tussauds. This is a wax museum. There you can see famous people from all over the world. After the exhibition we went to a special exhibition, namely the „Star Wars Exhibition“. It was very nice. When we finished that we went to our bus and drove back to Oxford. Back in Oxford we met our host families and they took us home. At our host family’s place we packed our suitcases. For dinner we had chili con carne. It was very „yummy“! After the dinner we had a shower and then we went to bed.
Jasmin Gollik, 8e

2016 Bili II
30th of September, 2016 (Day 5)
Today was our return back to Germany. We met at half past eight at the meeting point. First we drove three hours from Oxford to Dover. Then we took the ferry from Dover to Calais. The trip took one hour and fifty minutes. At 3 o’clock we were in Calais. All students were very tired at the return. We were happy when we arrived at our school in Unna. There all the parents were waiting.
Jette Richter, 8e

My to do list
✅ take a photo with Emma Whatson
❌ drink something at Starbucks
✅ eat Fish and Chips
✅ watch a movie
❌ buy a London sweater
❌ buy sweets
✅ go by red double decker
✅ see Oxford
✅ see London
❌ speak with our Family
 ✅ have a nice week
Emma Heinrichs, 8d

My top 10
1.     Madame Tussauds
2.     Laughing J
3.     shopping in Stratford
4.     London Eye
5.     Big Ben
6.     bus trips
7.     shopping in Oxford
8.     a squirrel climbed on my leg
9.     my host family
10. the three dogs of my guest family
Julia Gaida, 8f

2016 Bili I

It was an interesting, exciting and funny trip.
It was a good experience for all of us.


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